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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Although extended love play is by far superior.. there are times when a *quickie* can be very HAWT!!!

...and I'll tell you why. Although there are women out there who seem to prefer a 'quickie' in order to 'get it over with' - this is one chick who does NOT like the ~odd~ quickie for THAT reason.

I like a quickie every now and again because I LOVE knowing that my man is so turned on with me that he simply cannot take it much longer - THAT is a HUGE turn on for me. Knowing the man I'm with is so into it with me. It makes me feel sexy, powerful and totally in control of his 'losing control'. Quickies are also not that bad if your woman knows how to achieve orgasm quickly as well. Quickie doesn't mean 'no O for her'. I also think quickies are also best entered into with both parties being AWARE that it's likely to be a 'quickie' - in order to not disappoint.

Of course, the all time favourite is sex that happens at the end of a day full of flirtation & inuendo. Build up can be so enticing!! The point is - MIX IT UP - don't do the same routine, throw in a little spice, a little unpredictability, bring out the ~MEOW~...

Comments welcome!! Here's hoping there's a little quickie or a prolonged sweat-fest in your near future too ;o)

Cheers xo!

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