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Thursday, April 17, 2008

What a great idea... pre-date prior to pre-nup agreement


Ahhh if we only got what we paid for huh? Pre-nups protect you once you've decided to divorce.. how about a contract that arms you with 'guaranteed expectations' before you even have to 'think' about the big D. I don't know if I particulary agree with this guy's article as he seems to elude to 'signing on the dotted line' before you even begin dating. I'd say, once you decide you're exclusive.. how about a 'relationship contract' - DEAL OR NO DEAL! Length of the contract can vary, 6 months - 10 years.. whatever you agree to. Think about it, isn't that a great deal for BOTH parties? You state your expectations and deal breakers before wasting any valuable time. Bonus is, if you cannot agree from the 'word go' then consider yourself informed & decide to put up with your differences or get out of jail FREE and before your parole date lol!

Even if you and your 'exclusive partner' decide to enter into this agreement, for purely entertainment purposes - I tend to think you just MAY discover otherwise unknown information about each other's likes/dislikes regarding a long term relationship.

Always best to know upfront I say... If I order a cosmopolitan - I sure as hell don't want an Export!!! If we can agree to both enjoy the flavour of a strawberry daquiri - well then... "hello, 'I'm chick in heels' by the way..."

Comment on your thoughts..

Cheers xo!

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