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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The dating game...

Ever since I can remember I've been *relationship girl*.. I was never interested in the mind games that I believed dating encompassed. In fact, since I was 16 I've pretty much gone from relationship to relationship. Not for fear of being alone but just because I was *good* at it. I always took into consideration what would make my bf's happy. I wanted to be that gf that made the person I was with, only want to be with me. I wanted to meet the right one, and enjoy being together from then on. From the instant I entered into a new relationship I wore my heart on my sleeve. There were no 'fronts' no 'impression stages' I put myself out there and I gave it my all, and that seemed to work. Thing is, not everyone I ended up with had the same intentions - however, that's something you don't realize until it's usually too late. I still think it's better to emerge having learned a lesson then completely wasted your time in the first place. I suppose that's all about the perspective you take.

One, I realized after accepting a proposal, another I realized after marriage and two young children.. Now that I'm older and wiser.. I find I see things even more clearly. It wasn't the wrong decisions, it was simply the wrong people. The very thought of head-games that so many 'daters' play makes me nauseous. At this stage of the game, I can say I HAVE LEARNED... I am a giver - and it's all or nothing with me.. I haven't changed much since I was a young girl - only my receptors have changed - making me more aware of what's out there and what truly makes me happy. My gut instinct says that dating is a waste of time, you learn the most about what you want and who 'works' with you when you are in a more exclusive, deeper relationship. This is when inhibitions are cast aside and you can establish what is REAL.

It is completely risky to be unguarded.. but at least it's true. I've read too many articles where they advise the girl to 'play hard to get'.. 'act aloof' to cause the man to 'chase' you. Or tips for men that suggest he 'play the bad boy' or 'cater to her every whim' - if that's not YOU.. why BOTHER??

Compromising or working together in a relationship is always beneficial.. but start that relationship off being truest to yourself first. The right person, the person you will enjoy being with most will be the one who takes you as you are - and won't cause you to feel you are taking a gamble or risk or feel as though you're being played.

It's a jungle out there - if you find a good one - hold on tight!

Cheers xo!

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