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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Is sex the MOST important part of a relationship??

My initial reaction to this question.. OF COURSE!!! But, it's not as 'easy' as merely saying YEAH IT IS.. it's the fact that SEVERAL things need to be happening between the couple in order for sex to even occur.

Let's face it, if you are angry at one another or annoyed, sex ISN'T going to happen. If you are no longer in love with one another, then sex just may not seem worth it as the 'feeling' of what makes sex SO GOOD is simply not the same. And the reasoning goes on... This said, having sex is the ONE THING that will connect you as a couple above everything else. It's what sets you apart from the closeness you share with anyone else. If you are sharing intimacy you are sharing MORE then you realize. It's the basis for a healthy relationship. And, in my experience.. if you are not having much sex.. there IS indeed something to worry about. I believe, no matter what, one of the parties DOES want to be having sex - whether it's with you, is where the concern lies.

If you are having sex, it means you like one another, it means you can stand being together, it means you are attracted to one another, it means you are intimate, it means that you are spending 'couple' time together... NOW, think about your friends who are in relationships - can they all say that they have those 'aspects' covered?? If they are having regular sex (meaning 2-3 times a week) then they are doing well & better then average I'd say. Those who believe (choose to be) too tired for sex, not in the mood or find that other things need to come first - are likely falling into a pit of avoidance which leads to so many other issues.

What do you think is the most important part of a relationship?

Thanks for the read!! Cheers xo!

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Anonymous said...

Hell yeah sex is the most important part of a relationship... if there is no sex, there is no relationship cause it all boils down to sex baby!!!