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Friday, April 11, 2008

a new experience...

Hmm blogging huh? Why not? In fact, why the F not? I mean.. the MAJORITY of the online articles I read, I find I am shaking my head at. I find my opinions don't conform to their drivel. I've got enough life experience thus far to *smatter* some of it around and see what others have to say about it.... Afterall, I can't be the only one out there like me ;o)

I'm in my early 30's and have the experience of marriage, children, separation, relationships 'before AND after' u know better lol!!.. Exciting huh? Thing is, I don't feel I conform to the ways that SO MANY women are catagorized into. I have a fantastic boyfriend who I have a very exciting relationship with... It's amazing how we partake in all of our bedroom escapades!! I am cursed with a devilish sense of humour.. I can share thoughts on marriage, relationships, sex, sex and more sex... (one of the may topics I feel I don't conform to the 'norm' with, regarding how us chicks are portrayed as not LOVING it!.. I'm here to say WHA???). I can speak of style - as a girl who just may have been born wearing heels, topics such as children and the such.. So, since so many of us are touched by these things, why not BLOG?!? - BLOG ON I say ;o)

I am going to initially focus on the all time favourite subject of sex.. I encourage comments or emails with questions on the topic.. I feel I have a 'different' opinion then most that just MAY make ya think!

Hope u enjoy.. cheers!

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