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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Does the frequency in which a woman shaves her legs indicate her sex drive?

Ahhhh... made you think did I? Let's see... I believe, a woman who wants to have sex is going to 'display' her signals in many ways - one of which is making sure she's got the pits'n'legs - and any other unmentionables in GO mode ;o)

How many women do you know who would like to consider themselves 'comfortable' in their relationships? By 'comfortable' I somewhat mean 'taking it for granted'.. do they bother to look good even when they are at home.. are they the classic sweat-pants-wearing, hair in a pony tail, ungroomed type who doesn't feel they have to give signals. Do they jump into pajamas right after work - (ohhhhhh mood setting wouldn't ya say?) - and back to my point - do they bother to shave their legs regularly? I'm guessing, THIS would be the woman who 'apparently' falls into the category of 'the norm' who is less interested in sex then catching up on the latest episode of Dancing with the stars. (although I tend to believe how a man moves on the dance floor directly correlates to his bedroom rhythmic capabilities - but that's for another blog!!!).

Now, the girl who ensures she's clean shaven - here, there, and everywere - likely also puts the effort into other areas. She likely owns AND WEARS thongs, she has pajamas that are actually comfortable AND sexy (yes, those DO exist!!). What do all of those razor blade ads have to say - TOUCHABLY smooth - so yes fellas, this kinda chick WANTS you to touch... Just a tid bit from an 'insider' which is 'hopefully' where you'll end up ;o) *catch that???*

So, here's my thinking - let's say the girl you are with shaves her legs once or twice a week - I am willing to bet - that she is not as likely to be interested in sex as the girl who is a daily shaver - who wants the possibility of having those touchable legs TOUCHED by YOU!

I'm guessing my theory does not apply to the 'free-spirited-burn-ur-bra-earth-tree-love' types.. then again - enter that one at your own risk fellas ;o)

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