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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Divorced.. and I still believe in happily ever after...

I've been separated for about 2 years now. It was a testament to keeping my faith in deserving the ~happily ever after~ I've always believed was possible. It's a part of my fundamentals, keeping a hope that *truly happy* is a real concept, it does exist.. and that I would have that in my life.

Speak to anyone who initiated a separation or divorce.. it's not about 'giving up' or 'throwing in the towel' - it's about fighting to save yourself. There are so many people who are not strong enough to muster the internal strength it takes to get out of a bad marriage/relationship. When you resign yourself to staying in a situation that is unhappy, survival mode kicks in and many people become mere shells of what they once were... now just going through the motions... stuck.

Losing my Mother at a young age has given me an internal drive that is 'all too aware' that life is much too short & for what little time we have, we owe it to ourselves to make the most if it. I left my marriage with two young children in tow. I was well aware that being a shell of myself in my marriage would only lead me to being a shell of a mother too - survival mode does that to a person. I knew I deserved better, I knew my children deserved better... and the stirring inside of me *believed* that 'happily ever after' existed... that we are all capable of attaining it.

Many people become jaded and lose faith in the 'happily ever after' scenario when they've endured the pain of divorce. That is a warranted stance - however, at some point if you want to have a genuinely happy relationship in your life again - you have to leave those negative connotations in your past. After all, no one would expect you to remarry your ex - and most would hope that you'd find someone that made you *believe* once again.

Enduring the pain of divorce warrants it - you can endure! Moving on from divorce means truly accepting the vulnerability and believing you can trust your happiness once again with a new person. No one can predict what tomorrow will bring - but don't you think, believing it will be happy - might just make today's outlook a little more enjoyable - then anticipating repetitive doom. Yeah... exactly!

Cheers xo!

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